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What to Know About Why God Allows Evil and Suffering

The existence of God is something that most people believe, some seem to argue about it while others don’t see the logic from the same. However, for Christians and other believers God, is all loving, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent. Thus, the presence of God is not only something that a Christian should feel but experience. Even though God is loving and kind there is horrendous pain and suffering that people and other living creatures go through despite His care as well as knowing what is happening. It has become a problem explaining to the people why a God who is always loving and present at all times and would allow such suffering to people and other living creatures. The existence of other theories like the natural section which explains the process of evolution and indifference has further cast a shadow of doubt towards explaining the reason why God allows pain and suffering to His people. The advancement in enlightenment in the field of science which comes with plausible explanations and proofs seems more understandable and relatable compared to the Christian explanations.

The advancement of science is not the only issue that makes the explanation of this argument seem impossible but also the confirmation of eternal hell by Jesus. The fact that there is an existence of eternal hell according to Jesus contradicts the claim that the Christian God is all powerful and loving. Thus, for most people to get convinced the explanations should bridge a gap and consistency in both the bible and lived experiences of all creatures from the history. The solution should account for all forms of evil which can be natural and moral. When Christians can’t explain the question thoroughly the goodness and power of God is under the question and this also makes their faith questionable. Thus, finding a relatable and yet proper answer to the question of why God allows evil and suffering is an important thing to discover today as a Christian. However, knowing where to get the best solution for this question is not easy because most people will only offer some solutions that do not meet most of the criteria to make the answer satisfactory for people with Christian faith and those that are looking to know more about it.

The solution should have some form of scientific, philosophical, theological examples which will prove why God even though wholly loving and powerful will allow pain and suffering for his people. However, thanks to the online sites which research things to do with faith and more so Christian faith that you can get many views and comprehensive answers for this question. All you need to get is the right site and you will have all of the answers that you have been looking for. Finding the right site will be essential because it will simplify things for you through summaries of arguments and scientific research which will explain things for you in a matter of minutes. By choosing the best site you will get reconciliation of matters from the history to the modern day world which explains why God allows pain and suffering to His people.

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