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Top Benefits of Using RFID Technology for Laundry Tracking

The hospitality sector invests many hours every other day to make sure that they have kept track of different of their laundry. Besides looking into the high labor expenditures, those businesses that operate in this sector may face robbery and this makes them go through huge losses in the industry. This is the reason why RFID technology for laundry tracking has come into play to help both large and small businesses so that they can effectively track their laundry. When you make sure that your business has the best RFID technology for laundry tracking, you will be sure of obtaining the wash counts and making your records accurately. This will in turn help you to reduce the cases of theft and other underserved problems. To add to this, using the RFID technology for laundry tracking will make your laundry more manageable, especially when you are dealing with considerable quantities. For you to have a comprehensive understanding of how RFID technology for laundry tracking can be of great help to your business, it is important to make sure that you have read this guide to learn why you need to use RFID technology for laundry tracking to ensure that you have made your laundry management more comfortable.

To start with RFID technology for laundry tracking will help you to minimize manual laundry sorting. While dealing with the sorting process, sometimes this task can be a huge problem for laundry sectors like hospitals, hotels, and perhaps those sectors that deal with different categories of apparel. You should know that it takes 2 to 8 individuals at different laundry chutes and the entire process takes some hours to manually sort the laundry. But, this process can be more effective and easier when businesses start using RFID technology for laundry tracking. While using this system, businesses can attach RFID tags to every laundry item and an RFID reader will help in the transmission of an interrogation signal and then the tag is read. Immediately after the tag is read, the specific software establishes a certain sort of textile or apparel. Then this is directed to the relevant machine or area. The results of the software can be seen on the screen and the relevant individual in charge of this can ensure that they have transformed the textile or linen to the right destination. As such, the whole process is streamlined with simpler additions of RFID technology for laundry tracking.

Secondly, RFID technology for laundry tracking helps in the precise accuracy of wash count records. You need to know that the laundry’s wash cycle on every other garment plays an important role when it comes to its metrics. Looking at the wash cycle, the analysts can establish when the linen will get completely damaged. You need to know that some specific types of linens can only tolerate some specific counts of high-powered wash cycles until they start wearing out. So, with RFID technology for laundry tracking, you can determine or estimate the linen’s end-of-time since you will have the wash count records.

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